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About Becky

BECKY imageBecky Gilbert writes to amuse herself and to take her mind off things that would preoccupy, maybe even overwhelm her. She wrote this tale of love and misadventure in hospital cafeterias, lobbies and in doctors’ waiting rooms as she accompanied her husband on his journey through terminal illness – the story serving as a counterpoint to the realities of life — for both of them. She learned that it is VERY important to keep your head up when you are in trouble and to keep treading water while you wait for a lifeboat that may never come. If you DON’T do the work to take care of yourself, your chances of rescue aren’t good. So this book is really about having heart and keeping faith, about seeing things through. Though her husband didn’t get to climb into the lifeboat, he was amused by hearing bits and pieces of the book as it unfolded on scraps of paper borrowed from nurses, on tray liners from hospital cafeterias, on the backs of receipts found in his wife’s purse. If she “got something” onto paper that seemed to make them laugh or that distracted/interested them, she typed it into a computer when she got home. She always wanted to be a writer, but there was always a reason why that was impossible. The illness seemed to be one of those things that was going to get in her way, but she discovered that you don’t have to “wait” in waiting rooms, that even if you’re unprepared, you can borrow a pen and find a piece of paper to begin or chip away at your great opus. Though she has written memoirs (2) and entered and even won some writing contests, this is her first full-length fiction. She hopes it makes you smile.

Becky (her husband called her Bec) welcomes hearing from readers. Please leave a comment below and Becky will get back to you.



4 thoughts on “Becky’s Bio

  1. Bud and I are laughing together..You amaze me and of course keep me smiling and give me that extra swat on the butt to keep going!! Looking forward to reading the book. Love you. my friend!! To the moon and back! jillypooo

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