MF_Cover_elec 3WELCOME! …to a world that invites you in for a laugh! A world where you can visit for a while with a dogmatic and extravagantly bawdy Hortense Hochenscheiss or with an irascible troll who will escort you to something called the MetaVision rooms where you might even run into San Pietro “Bambino” Millefiori (known to most as Saint Peter). Fall “in like” as you read with Rhinestone Hornbuckle and Wiletta Kesselschmeck. Follow them to see why their journey is not the typical hearts and flowers romance.

Meet individuals who misbehave without forethought and without apology – until, that is, they learn that everyone who ever lived has made mistakes and needs to forgive and be forgiven. Swallowing pride, they show you, is a lot like eating an elephant – best done in small bites. Despite the swaggering, blustering and messing up (even Big Guide indulges in moments of bombast) everyone survives the pain of discovering who they really are, what they really want, and how to become “right-size.”

The book jacket (of the print version) for book afficionados reads:

Life is full of surprises…. 

When  a small-town girl…

Wiletta Kesselschmeck is a modest, small-town girl, working as a waitress and taking care of Hortense, her crotchety grandmother. It’s an ordinary life until the night a flattering rogue walks into her café, charming Wiletta with stories of talking to angels, and offering her a glimpse of a life she’d barely dreamed of.

 Meets a charming rogue…

Fast-talking carny Rhinestone Hornbuckle is on his way to the carnival’s winter home when he meets Wiletta, immediately deciding she’d be the perfect draw for his hootchy-kootchy show. But when she resists, he instead offers her a dream trip to Disney World. The only obstacle is her cranky grandmother, who dreams of something more for Wiletta. Hortense had seen enough con men in her own life. She isn’t about to let Wiletta be taken in by another one.

Not even heaven can stop them….

Wiletta and Rhinestone set out for Disney World, but when Hortense dies, everything starts going wrong. Things look bleaker than rained-on cotton candy, but even angels, trolls, cranky grandmothers and gods can’t fight the greatest force of all: true love.

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8 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Becky
    I am a “fairy godmother” to a darling, sweet, untainted young author (10 this month). Presently she is writing her 2nd book with her own grandmother helping with illustrations. They involve a dragon and always have a “moral to the story”. I think she would love reading your book. Would it be appropriate for a tender heart with a naievete and a great imagination? Your great admirer-Little Red Riding Hood.

    • Dear Ginny and Anyone Who is Considering this book for a Child,
      Even a child who sounds as “precocious” as this goddaughter could become confused by the three or four love scenes and maybe even by some of the adult language in my book. Though I’d LOVE to reach a wider audience, it should be the RIGHT audience. While my book was intended to amuse (I tried to make my husband and myself laugh), I don’t want to corrupt the innocence of children — who might laugh because they didn’t understand instead of because they “get” the humor. Tell her to keep up the writing no matter what! Sounds like she’s on her way to best seller-dom.

    • Thank you on both counts, Ginny! If there’s another book like it anywhere I’d be surprised and laughs are wonderful. I’m glad you experienced some. Hope you found all kinds: from smiles to out-loud laughs.

  2. To Author Becky, I love your wit and insight. I feel you belong up there with other creative and insightful authors such as Ken Kesey. I hope all have the joy of reading this book. And to think this book was birthed on pieces of paper and notes during your husband’s illness. Becky is a genius! Lots of fun!

  3. Becky, I’m enjoying your website very much + I look forward to reading your book + all about Rhinestone Hornbuckle! Yes, it’d be something if our Holy Bible included the ‘book of Butch’! G_D bless you. Omaat (one moment at a time)! P.S. We’re never alone as we choose to believe, trust + follow our One True G_D, our L_RD + Savior Jesus Christ! Barbara A (Sun. mtg)

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